The U1 mount is specially designed for SpinetiX players: HMP300, HMP350 and HMP400.

It provides a secure horizontal and vertical mount regardless of the base material. If necessary, can be mounted directly to the body of TV panels because the mounting holes are VESA standard.

The mount ensures quick mounting of players and does not disturb the heat dissipation of the device.


  • Location of fasteners protects the equipment from spontaneous theft and vandalism
  • Efficient player cooling due to air gaps
  • Convenient access to button, LEDs of the player, in-cuts and slots


Universal mount. Fits HMP300, HMP350, HMP400 players.

Vandal-proof-the wall mount is covered by the player and the player is attached to the mount using Torx screws.

Can be mounted on the wall or other mounts (brackets, devices) compatible with VESA standard 75 mm and 100 mm.

Multifunctional cardboard lodgment securely holds the mount in the package, serves as a mark jig for installation and is a checklist too: a list of fasteners with their main characteristics is printed on the inner side. It is ergonomically optimized (the mount in the lodgment fits comfortably in the box with the HMP400 player).

Supplied with Mungo MU universal plugs (Switzerland), self-tapping screws and Torx wrench.
Антивандальное крепление для плееров SpinetiX
Антивандальное крепление для плееров SpinetiX


The mount allows the player to be mounted on any base and in any orientation. The presence of a marking jig helps to make a marking of the place of installation in hard-to-reach places. The kit includes universal Mungo plugs, which allow you to work on any base material (drywall, brick, concrete, wood, thin-walled panels). Assembled mount has a high resistance to direct pull and can withstand loads up to 50 kg.

The mount can be mounted on the wall, as well as other (VESA compatible 75 mm and 100 mm) mounts, brackets, devices, panels and racks (thanks to the mounting holes Ø 8).

When you need to mount a large number of players (e.g. as part of a videowall), it’s recommended you order the TS-M-SPX-K1 mount expansion kit. This allows you to install up to 5 players in a stack, with the necessary space for ventilation.


  • Mounts to walls, ceilings, and other VESA compatible mounts, brackets, devices, panels, and racks
  • Everything you need as a set - universal plugs, self-tapping screws, screws, wrench and a mark jig with a checklist
  • Fits all SpinetiX HMP3x and HMP4x Series players


The U1 mount is made of 3mm thick, high quality sheet steel. Subplate fixture is attached to the base plate to position the players using the regular through holes on the player casings. Mounting holes are overlapped by the body of the installed device, which makes it impossible to dismantle the mount when the player is installed. Mounting the player to the mount is carried out with screws with a special Torx screw-head slot (included). This increases protection against theft and vandalism.
Антивандальное крепление для плееров SpinetiX


TS-M-SPX-K1 Mount Expansion Kit
Allows to install up to 5 players in a stack with the necessary space for ventilation.


Complement to the U1 Vandal-Proof Universal Mount.
Allows to install up to 5 players in a stack with the necessary space for ventilation.

Indispensable for video walls, exhibitions, server racks.


Set includes:

Racks - 16 pcs.
Nut screws - 2 pcs.
Spacers - 6 pcs.
Антивандальное крепление для плееров SpinetiX